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Will there ever be an option for an official C3D aluminum threaded table for the XXL? (even if its only one of two halves?)

We’re not sure yet. We’d like to offer a big aluminum table but the shipping and product cost would be significant. We have a few other ideas that we might try as an alternative but those are still in the “What If…” stage


There are a few company’s that make them. But they are not cheap about $400.00. My question and concerns in using an aluminum wast board is. What happens if and when your cutter goes through your project into the wast board.

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short answer: nothing good.

I would always add an 1/2 to 3/4" mdf on top of the aluminum just for that reason


What about something made out of what cutting boards are made from. They are flat sturdy

We’ve talked about that and it’s definitely an option. I would not expect it to be more flat than MDF but it would be more stable over time.

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I’m thinking of giving it a try. Just need to find someplace I can get a piece thick enough and big enough

@WillAdams was successful with HDPE (cutting board material):
Others expressed issues with it not being flat on arrival: XXL Wasteboard upgrade

As well as the risk of it losing shape with temperature changes.

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While after doing some research on pricing might as while go ahead and buy an aluminum wast board. The price on a 36x36 3/4 is over 300.00. Guess this will have to wait awhile.

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This aluminum wasteboard replaces the one that comes with the Shapeoko from the factory. You still install an MDF supplementary wasteboard that will ensure you protect for virtually all accidents. The reason you use the aluminum wasteboard is to increase accuracy, rigidity and remove possible sag in the middle of the wasteboard.

The best place to get the ATP5 cast aluminum plate is Midwest steel but you need to drill your own holes or you can get th drilled version from Ohio Diesel

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My question is if you put MDF over the aluminum board don’t you need to have holes in it also to fasten your hold down clamps to it

Yes or you can install T-Tracks

Then what is the purpose of the aluminum board

example usage

Increased rigidity, additional mass to damp vibrations.

I thought I had explained but the MDF wasteboard that comes with the Shapeoko does not give the full stiffness and on larger models in particular, the middle of the MDF wasteboard can sag because the frame is not overly strong. In addition, MDF is not as straight as aluminum. If you want to make precise parts, that precision level is required. Not everyone needs it but many do.

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