Story Board Tutankhamun Like Aztec

I make my story boards myself and I would love it if you made him a picture here as a thank you

## Free Story Board

## Subject : Tutankhamun

## Download here:

## DXF=

## SVG=


WOW! It looks like you like challenges in story telling!
SO, here is another “story” from an ancient sarcophagus lid depicting Lord Pacal. There are many, many interpretations as to what this lid actually is trying to express. Put your interpretation on it! And, as a suggestion, try and have your story backlit in color using LEDs. I’ve included several different versions of the lid of Lord Pacal’s sarcophagus in a Zipped Folder and if you can semd me your eMail address I’ll mail it out right away. The zipped folder is over 3 MB!

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