Strange Motor issues - stuttering and twitching


I’m having some strange motor issues where the right hand motor seems to be twitching and stuttering intermittently. When this happens while the machine is running, the right side gantry lags a bit before continuing. It seems to stop after a full reset, but will continue again after a while.

I’ve uploaded a video showing the motor twitch, watching with volume up helps.

Motor Twitching

Seems to me that you have one of two issues:

  1. Your board is defective / going bad

  2. Your stepper motor is defective / going bad

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Could also be the wiring to the stepper.

Pull all the connectors for that motor and re-seat them as a simple check.

Try swapping the two Y stepper connectors on the controller and see if the same motor carries on misbehaving or the problem moves over.