Strange Pocketing behavior?

Anyone noticed strange behavior when pocketing basic shapes?

Not every design, not every time with any given design… But I will set up a basic pocket, the machine will then proceed to do a full depth of cut slot (with proper stepdowns…) and then go to pocket out the inside portion. Been seeing it more and more lately.

A jig I made for my laser today it did that, then the next pocket it reversed the order. Back and forth. I’ve uploaded the file.
Pockets.c2d (128 KB)

Is the slotting motion at the center or near the center of each pocket? Does it then proceed to spiral out from the pre-machined slot?

Yes, this is a known bug in the current version.

Hopefully it will be fixed in a future release.

As @WillAdams said it is known. In the end it works but is different than past behavior.

Here is an example I had recently. It cut out the pocket around a tower and then went back and cut the tower. So in the end it works just different.

Finished project.

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Great ill be looking for the update. Meanwhile, a workaround that seems to work is to have a toolpath before the pocket that simply takes one pass around the perimeter. Appears to work as normal after that.

I noticed this exact same behavior on my toolpaths that I’ve been running lately. Good to know that it’s a bug and not some weird optimization thing.

It is a weird optimization that we call a bug. I am sure they will fix it. However in the end it works just not as expected by past behavior. C3D has been making changing at a very quick pace and things can go wrong at the pace they are working. Kudos for the pace of development. The reason they put erasers on the end of pencils is because humans make mistakes.

For sure. They literally should be the exact model alot of new companies use, regardless of the field they are in. C3D is the benchmark of a great company.

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