Strange thing happen on the way to the Forum

Created an image for a family member who wanted a right and left on polycarbonate.

The first sheet carved perfectly. Flipped the image and the Tool Paths got messed up somehow. Some of the paths ran twice, some combined.

Has anyone had this happen?

I was busy in my shop and just started the job without looking close. I noticed it was taking a long time to complete, the first took 40 min. It was cutting perfectly so I let it run. When it was done, I restarted to see the estimated time, 1hr 50min.

Went into CC to look at my tool paths seeing the duplicate areas highlighted. Very strange. Reworked the tool paths in case I have to run it again so I can’t post it here.

Did you copy-paste or duplicate the geometry?

There are options/features now for including the toolpath association of the original w/ the copy/duplicate.

No, I just flipped the image. Quickly ran my cursor over the tool paths, saw them “light up”, saved Gcode and ran it. Had I paid attention to it, I would have seen an issue. Just looked at the pretty lights as I scrolled by and went for it.
Thanks Will

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