Strange vibration on X axis carriage

Hi Everyone, I hope you’re doing well. Quick question: I recently did some much needed maintenance on my machine (shapeoko 3 XXL with HDZ) I replaced all of the V wheels, belts, and motor pulleys, and replaced my Makita spindle with the carbide compact. Ever since I’ve been having issues with strange vibration, It’s very difficult to see on camera, but the entire X axis carriage sort of jitters back and forth ever so slightly. It isn’t constant, and happens regardless of whether or not I’m cutting or moving around during the hiking process. I’ve adjusted the belts and v wheels as demonstrated in Winston’s Shapeoko tuning video, my wheels are just tight enough that they can be stopped with two fingers, and my belt tension feels identical to my Y axis belts, which haven given me any issues. Does anyone have any insight as to what’s going on here? Thank you!

Do you get the vibration when the trim router is switched off, say for an “air cut”?

Could it be a bad bearing in the router? Do you have a spare to swap in?

You know what, that’s a great question! I swapped out the wheels, belts, and motor pulley about a week before I swapped out the router, and I didn’t notice the vibration when I was still running the Makita. I’ve also noticed that the carbide router sounds a little funny, it often sounds like it’s changing speeds on the fly. I’ll take a look tomorrow and report back, thanks Will, you’re always very helpful

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