Stripped mounting hole – Replace mounting plate? Shapeoko 3 XXL VFD Spindle

In making some adjustments on my used Shapeoko 3 XXL, one of the mounting bolts that secured the spindle collar to the Z backplate stripped out the threads of the mounting hole. The front of it is stripped, but the bolt still engages with the threads in the back of the hole. I’m sure I could strip the rest out if I tightened enough…

Anyway, does anyone know if I can order a replacement backplate to solve this issue? I am having trouble finding the part… With three mounting bolts for the spindle collar, it seems stable enough for now, but I don’t like this for the long term.

Drill it out and use a Helicoil. I had the same thread on mine strip out, two years ago. Bought the kit to fix it and never did. It’s been working great on 3 bolts.


Oh! That’s good to know.

So… is it not possible to order just this backplate part?

No, it’s not available separately.

Contact us at if you want to send your unit in for a rebuild.

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