Stuck During Building

Hello, not sure if this is the right place to post this but I was wondering if I could get some help, I am currently trying to bolt on my Y skirts to the endplates and the skirt hole and the endplate threaded hole don’t line up, i’m losing my mind because its suppose to be such an easy step, could this have been machined wrong or does anyone have any ideas & i’m being an idiot, The endplates and everything are on tight but they just don’t line up , any input is appreciated thanks.

Please try loosening all the other hardware — that should afford a bit of play which will then allow things to fit — if not, write in to and we’ll do our best to assist.

Some Shapeoko 3 steel frames had an excess of powder coating in the holes. As Will suggested loosen the other fastners to see if you can get alignment. If that does not work try a round file to remove powder coating. Do not enlarge existing hole only clean it out. If it is mis drilled support would likely replace the part.

I dont have a pro or 4 so not sure if the part is powder coated. Support would have to help you if machined wrong.

If you’re talking about the dust skirts, you might try flipping it front to back or swapping them side to side. There could be enough play between them to make up for the difference.

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By the way, welcome to the community and welcome to the interesting, creative and sometimes frustrating world of subtractive manufacturing!

Hey guys! I managed to get the skirts in, I had to loosen the shoulder bolts on the Y rails and lift them up a little bit and got them to line up, thanks so much for the help, much appreciated.

Hey! thank you so much.

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