Stumbled on to Adult Coloring art for Engraving

A family member bought a 1970 4545 Chevelle. I was going to engrave some acrylic based on images that were emailed to me. The car is black and with all the reflections and loss of edges it was impossible/impractical to use that source.

I started looking for art work and stumbled on a Adult coloring image for the Chevelle on Etsy.
It’s a Black and White PDF. Perfect for tracing.
Cost = $1.69

There is a world of awesome artwork intended for coloring that is ready for engraving.

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When using copyrighted material you have a potential for legal problems. Making a plaque for a family member is not likely to get you into trouble but selling copyrighted images can get you into trouble. Even though you bought the coloring book you did not buy the rights to use the images. So just be careful about using random images because it is all copyrighted when created.

My first girlfriend’s father had a 1963 Chevy Impala SS which burned up the engine. He replaced it with a 1970 like the one in the picture above. Cool car. I really miss that car but strangely not the girlfriend.


Agreed. The proper avenue is to get a license to replicate.
I only make for friends and family. Trying to make money is not fun.

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I see that my bit needs to be replaced, but not too bad. A bit of dental tool work.


As long as you’re not selling anything, you’re free to do whatever you want. For me it comes down to wanting to support those that are creating art.
When I find something totally unique, I like to reach out to the artist and see if they are up for a collab. Many of them have no idea the world of CNC exists.