Suckit Dust Boot 2-1/2" Hose adapter

Hi guys,
I was having horrible static with my dust collection hose, and purchased the [Peachtree 2-1/2" Dust Collection Hose with Metal Grounding Wire.]("+x+50’+CLEAR+PVC+DUST+COLLECTION+HOSE+BY+PEACHTREE+WOODWORKING+PW369&qid=1591469317&s=hi&sr=1-8)
It worked great but I was trying every adapter under the sun and they just were not working for me very well.
I purchased a 3D printer, a Monoprice Voxel, and designed a 3 part hose adapter. It has a backwards thread on it to screw the Peachtree hose onto the center piece, a sleeve that has a cam lock you push over the hose and twist to lock, and a dust ring that snaps on to the top to prevent dust from entering the sleeve. It fits snugly all the way into the Suckit dust boot for a perfect fit.
If you are a forum member and need one of these let me know, I will share the model with you, but I plan to try to sell them in the future, as they fit any standard 2-1/2 hose port, so the model is free to Carbide 3D forum members with the agreement only for personal use. If you do not have a 3D printer I can make you one and ship it to you for standard 3d print pricing. I can use PLA plus or Carbon PLA or any color including glow in the dark blue and green.


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