SuckIt Dust Boot and HDZ proximity Sensor

(I always feel weird saying SuckIt). Anyway, I’ve 3D printed off new supports for the HDZ and although flimsy should work in the short term here. I had to move the X proximity sensor out and was wondering if this was going to throw anything off? And should I use the reduced travel option? Photos of how it looks currently.



My setup looks almost identical…you lose that inch of X travel. I didn’t choose any reduced travel option…I’ll be interested to hear what others say.

as far as I remember the “reduced travel” is there mainly for adjusting the location of the rapid positions in CM (to avoid crashing against the left side of the machine when moving to NW/W/SW). If you don’t use those you may not need to select it (but it’s probably safer to do it anyway, for the occasional clicking mistake)


The reduced option was specifically for the Suckit ears to keep them from slamming into the side rail. As Julien suggested you could move to one of the rapid positions and keep your finger on the power switch. If you do not get a collision then use the full, if you collide then the reduced.

As far as moving your switch as long as it works. The switch position may slight offset your home position from the previous switch location but as far as running it will make no difference.

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