SuckIt Dust Boot ears

So I’m finishing up my HDZ upgrade and I’ve mounted the SuckIt ears. Try to mount the SuckIt rails to it and the holes on the ears are too big for the screws that come with the SuckIt upgrade. Ok, no problem, they extend past the back of the ears so I can use nuts. Good – that works. Then I try to mount the X limit switch and THOSE screws don’t fit either. Luckily I have M5 nuts and I can make this work, but I think the ears should have been made with M5 threaded holes and, maybe, mine is just defective. Or maybe they’re all being made incorrectly.

Just posting this so anyone else doing and HDZ / SuckIt upgrade might want to be sure they have M5 nuts handy

Yes, the holes should have been threaded (this didn’t happen on a small run of parts). Contact us at to work this out.

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Is there a rough ETA on when the ears will be back in stock?

Check in at and we’ll put you in touch with someone who actually knows something.

I have this exact issue as well. I emailed support back on the 18th, but never received a response. The holes in mine were threaded, but the drilling of the holes was just sloppy (minor diameter too big). An M5 screw just slips by the threads. I put nuts on the limit switch bracket, but afraid the nuts will interfere with the Suckit bracket (which I am still awaiting to arrive).

We have you down as receiving a replacement plate and Suckit ears per ticket #103033 — is there something else which you would need?

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Awesome! Thanks for the update Will. That would do me.

Got the replacement HDZ Suckit ears today. Unfortunately they are even worse than the originals. Some of the holes are so big that the M5 threads tapped into them are barely scratches in the surface. Just going to just try to use nuts instead. Hopefully the nuts don’t interfere with the Suckit spacers.

@Croy9000 - I just did that from the start. The screws that cam with the HDZ Suckit arms were long enough to go all the way through and place nuts. So far it’s been working fine

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Same issue with screws being to small. No clearance for drag chain. I have contacted support.

I had the same issue. Contacted support and they said I should retap holes. Can’t do that when holes are too big. Picked up some m5 nuts at the local hardware. One of the ears was tapped right for the switch bracket so used that one on the switch side.

I took one of the ears to the hardware store and an M6 is to big and the M5 I am suppose to be able to use for the limit switch and Suckit Arm are to small. I could go back to the hardware store and buy 5mm nuts but I could have built my own ears to. Quality “Suckit” just a little.

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