Suckit Dust Boot

Is there a place where I can buy a SuckIt Dust Boot for my XXL? “OUT OF STOCK” is all I see.

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Suckit is a small husband / wife team. Unfortunately their site is the only place you can buy it. Give it a few days, it’ll be back in stock. But it’s worth the wait. My XXL is now basically dust free!!


I’ve noticed they’ve been out for at least the past month. I’m not sure what’s happened to them but I hope things are ok.

Another option is the PwnCNC’s Dust Boot v2 available at

I haven’t tried it yet, but he has posted most of the parts on Thingiverse, so I am currently 3D printing my own.


They did not restock for two weeks because they are having a cyber Monday sale per their site…so I’m assuming they will be in stock on Monday.


From what people say the Suckit is a good dust collector. I waited and waited on them and they never got any in stock. I gave up and got one that attached to the Dewalt Router. Many have said that they are a small shop and a two person company. Bla Bla Bla. They have been out of stock for the last year repeatedly. If you really want one you can order it and wait wait wait. I ordered the OOPS clamps from them and it took over a month. The clamps are nice but not worth the wait. IMHO

FYI I went and looked at the PWNCNC V2 Dust boot and really like it. I think I will order one next week. The one I have attaches to the bottom of the Dewalt router and works ok but the brushes (Skirt) gets sucked up inside the dust port and sprays some big chanks around.

Production is the problem of all small businesses. I know because I was one! Good product with good intentions doesn’t get my dust collected, though.

I’ve also waited for months and chased my router around the table with the vacuum, but I’ve ordered a different one now. Perhaps it will work just as well.

Thanks to all for the great responses.

The dust boot I ordered last night is already in the shipping arena … on this holiday. That’s good service.

I just got a Suckit HDZ boot 2 days ago. They said on the web site they get new stock every week. You can email Jenn at for stocking information. It is a very nice dust boot!

Found out that my HDZ dust boot shipped today.

I’ve only used the suckit so I can’t compare it to anything else, but I’m really happy with the results of the suckit. Virtually nothing left in the piece after cutting!

What’d you get?

Matterhackers has them too, back in stock on the 29th.

I ordered mine last Monday directly from suckit; I had to email them to know that’s when they’d be back in stock though.

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PwnCNC’s Dust Boot v2 - I have room for the rear suction. Got to get something going, and they seem to be USA. Price is right at $120.

I still don’t see stock anywhere anymore for the SuckIt.

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I just ordered the PWNCNC dust boot and will check it out and let people know about it on the forum here.


I have a Suckit Dust Boot Pro for XL, XXL on ebay. New in box, just opened the box to look at it. Upgraded to HDZ so ordered the HDZ version instead of the upgrade kit. Not sure if that was a good or bad idea. They both came the same day.


I guess you just have to read their site :slight_smile:
They said that they restock every Monday and held back the last week or two for a Cyber Monday SALE!

I just ordered mine with promo code CM15OFF and got it for 15% off! I would assume you need to order on a Monday as they probably sell out quickly.

In my case, I did read their site. It said “OUT OF STOCK” for months as I checked. So, that’s the way they run their business. I’m fine with that, but it gave a competing vendor an opportunity.

Yeah I understand at the it says that at the product page; but on the main page it states they restock every Monday at the top left. Anyway, good luck with your other purchase let us know how it works out and post pics, would like to see the setup.