Suckit hose recommendation

I bought a Rockland anti static hose and it seems like it’s too heavy and may be affecting the movement
The hose that came with vacuum is pretty stiff so I wanted to switch it out
And recommendations I’m also using the dust deputy

I’ve been happy using this 2-1/2" hose from Amazon. I put an adaptor on the end going to my Dust Deputy. On the Suckit side, I’ve just been slipping the end of the hose onto the end of the shoe – it slides on and off without issue, and that seems to be a cromulent solution.

I have no comparative data of my setup against any other, but it has seemed to work quite well. I have the hose suspended by a single point above the machine, with enough slack to not have any notable tension at the limits (leaving a bit of a catenary curve at max slack).

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Until I have my permanent setup which will not be for a few months, I’m using a long 2 1/2in hose I bought from HD to go from the SuckIt to the Dust Deputy it fits both sides. I experienced some disconnect with the hose but I have installed a copper wire along the length of the hose and I use a wire with alligator clips to go from the hose to the Z for grounding on the frame. This seems to work to address static discharge that appear to be the cause of my disconnects. I also installed another wire from the frame to the house copper pipes that are grounded to the house.

With my permanent setup, I will use rigid PVC piping from the dust extractor to the top of the enclosure then a short flexible generic 2 1/2in hose to the SuckIt. I will run a grounding wire along the length of the pipe and hose and reinstall the house grounding wire to the frame.

I am using this hose for my boot and it works great. I like how flexible it is and that you can see through it.


James, just bought 20’ of this and am very happy with it, a lot better then the stiff hose that the vacs have.

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