"Suckit - The most effective dust boot ever created" kickstarter now live

Hello all,

Sorry for the delay, I just received my first Kickstarter update which reminded me that I promised to post when it went live. The Kickstarter for the SUCKIT Dust Boot is now live :slight_smile: It looks great! I have one for my SO2/X-Carve and it works amazingly well! Virtually no dust. It’s a Z-Axis independent dust boot so doesn’t put added stress on the z-axis but also works as an air diverter that prevents the blowing air from the router from fighting the vacuum suction. This makes a big difference. If you’re looking for a great dust boot check it out while it’s on discount. Can’t wait to get the SO3 version! If anyone has any questions please let me know, I’m fairly familiar with the products function and will do my best to answer. Here is the link: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1186424975/suckit-the-most-effective-dust-boot-ever-created


I signed up for one as well. Looks like great construction and I have been very happy with the response from the creator and his wife. Looking forward to getting it on my machine.

I too made a pledge… after watching Winston Moy’s video and vacillating overnight I’m all in.

Edit: As a side note after contacting Mark, he has graciously agreed to provide a customized 1 7/8" vac hose fitting to accommodate my existing setup. Kudos to Mark going this extra mile!

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I’m all in too. After running several MDF jobs, I determined that it was necessary to contain the dust. This seems to do a very good job. Thanks for sharing this.

I’m also in on the first early bird kickstarter, I’ve struggled to find something that doesn’t hook up on clamps or hit the workpiece during 3d or deep cuts…

Bring it on!

Yep, I’m in too. I pledged in the first early bird. Looks like a well thought out product and nice people behind it to boot.

I ordered one for my SO3, looking forward to it!

@jimidi @tkonbass @JeffWimer Agreed, Mark and Jenn (Suckit Dust Boot creators) are great and their customer service is outstanding. Just look on their facebook and twitter pages and you’ll see loads of positive experiences. Also, I have learned that they have donated a bunch of dust boots to schools which is pretty cool!

I’m going to make a nominal “I just ordered one” post here as well :slight_smile:

Looking forward to trying it out, and I’d be happy to post a comparative review if anyone’s interested. I generally only cut hardwoods in my SO3.

Yep, ordered my Suckit as well. Tired of the sawdust!

Its very easy to make your own dust boot. YouTube is an easy way to see several designs. Its harder to make one that doesn’t move up and down with the Z-axis but you can also find one of those on YouTube. You can find the bristles in various lengths on mcmaster.com. You can use acrylic or polycarbonate plastic if you want to see through it or just use plywood if that’s not a big deal to you.

Pretty much any dust shoe is going to capture almost all of the fine particles which are the ones that can cause health issues. The crappy designs will allow some of the larger pieces to escape but its really no big deal to sweep them up in 10 seconds after a job is finished because you have the vacuum hose right there anyway.

Whatever you do make sure the vacuum that you use to collect the dust has a good filter on it. I use a Rigid brand vac (nothing fancy) with their next to best filter plus a cyclone to catch the big stuff and a filter bag inside the vacuum. Using a cyclone means you will rarely if ever have to change the bag or filter inside of the vacuum. Its great at catching almost all dust that is big enough to be visible to your eye. However, the dust that is too small to see is the most dangerous because that’s the dust that can travel the full extents of your lungs without getting trapped in the first branch or two of your lungs. You need decent filtration to catch that dust.

Using a laser particle counter I never see the ambient shop air particle count go up while routing parts, even when I’m routing MDF. So my relatively low cost setup is working well.

-Rigid shop vac
-Homemade cyclone but look for “dust deputy” or a dust deputy knockoff on alibaba for a cheaper one.
-Bag filter inside the shop vac
-Next to best filter Rigid offers. If you are routing Walnut or an exotic wood then use the best filter they offer. Dust from some woods like Walnut can be somewhat toxic so you really don’t want to pass much of it at all into the air.

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I took the pledge and opted for the last available Suckit Double Pack (SO3 Version). My reason for this was that because I live in Australia, a world away from Canada a spare may come in very handy. No experience with Suckkit but I am looking forward to gaining some.

Yes Tshulthise it is relatively easy to ‘roll your own’ but it takes time that many don’t have. It’s a also more difficult when one lives outside the US where components like bristles (McMaster) are readily available. I looked at importing this and the cost including freight and exchange rate was relatively high. I even went out and purchased a couple of different broom heads and brushes to find something suitable but then I saw the Suckit on this thread and decided it was the way to go.

The SO3 too is a bit of a challenge (not impossible as Suckit shows) to fit a stationary dust boot unless one starts drilling the z axis paraphernalia.


I have also “kicked in” for the Kickstarter for the Suckit - The most effective dust boot ever. Saw the notice on the forum, looked at YouTube, the Kickstarter site, and realized I would spend a whole lot more money, and even more valuable, my time, coming up with my own design for a dust collector.

I’d rather spend my T & M working on my stuff. Besides, I also like to help out members of the forum when I can, Just my small part helping out when I can.


I’ve also jumped in on the Suckit Kickstarter, having tried 3 or 4 different dust boots, all of which worked but all of which had some form of irritating feature, Winston’s video and the info on Kickstarter seems to point to this being my final acquisition ! (We live in hope right ? :-))

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Backed! Great project and can’t wait to use it!

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Backed, I heard about it on this post, so thought I give it a bump.
Such a good buy. I made an acrylic enclosure, the thinnest 3mm sheet was $93 CDN, I used paperboard pallet corners to make a free frame. My build that cost the same, took me many hours of time to plan and make, this is better in every way. This is a perfect example of win-win, I just wish this was around earlier before I made an inferior solution.

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@KenK Totally agree! I made a couple inferior dust boot versions myself and the time and material costs involved make this a no-brainer.

I just backed the Suckit as well … http://kck.st/2dYGio2

I am impressed with Mark and Jenn Chepurny who have been very responsive to any questions. I have confidence that they will deliver a good product based on what they have done for other CNC models.


I just ordered the SuckIt vacuum boot too. Highly recommended – looks like a solid build . Looking forward to playing with my new Shapeoko this Christmas!

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I jumped on it early in the campaign, looks great, great responses when I had questions. Doing some wood cuts now, I could really use the boot like yesterday :wink:

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