Suckit thumb screws

Hi guys,

Love my suckit, but have really struggled with the little thumb screws that came with it.

I changed to these Kipp cam action levers.

They are m4 female and so far work an absolute treat.


Just what I have been looking for!!
Those thumbscrews have been annoying if one have to do a lot of adjustment.
I am having difficulties finding something like these here in Norway.
Do You have the exact part number for the ones you have there?

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This is the kipp part no I think.

I just brought them of ebay.


They should be m4 internally threaded.

I then needed 2x bits of m4 threaded rod 55mm long.

The actual threads in the suckit are an imperial size. But getting such threads in Australia are hard to source in quantities of 2.

The threaded rod actually threads in very nicely to the imperial thread of the suckit anyways

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Thank You!

Just have to rummage around eBay to see if I can find them with some reasonable shipping.

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