Suggested fix for Carbide Create

I ran some quick jobs in aluminum using Carbide Create. I used the feeds and speeds in the table from the website for aluminum. The plunge rate that is suggested is 1", so that’s what I used.

After the machine does its homing and tool height measurement, it goes to the position for the first plunge, and then is plunging down from the z-height max extents… at… 1"… per… minute… which takes 3-4 minutes to get down to the thin sheet of aluminum I’m cutting. Why not go to the retract height that you can set in the carbide create software at a fast pace, and then plunge down at the slower rate? I had to run a few jobs on different pieces, and it was not fun watching it do this. Its a simple fix in the g-code I agree, but can this be addressed in the next rev? Or someone please explain the logic of this?

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I don’t think there is a reason it doesn’t besides “Not implemented that way” Please send in the suggestion via email, and maybe they will get to it.