Suggestions for F&S Freud 72-101 1/4" Ball Nose

Please give me suggestions for a Freud 1/4" ball nose bit. The Feud site gives the following.

18000 X 2 (Flutes) X 0.011(Chipload)=396 IPM They are calculating a 1/4" depth of cut.
18000 X 2 (Flutes) X .008 (Chipload)=288 IPM They are calculating a 1/4" depth of cut

This seems way too much for a Shapeoko 3 HDZ Dewalt Router.

I have a Dewalt 611 so my minimum speed is 16000 RPM.

Recommended* Chip Loads, based on cut depth equal to bit diameter:
1/4" Chipload .008"-.011" (Hardwood) 1/4" DOC

If you have a Freud 70-101 please give me your feeds and speeds for Hardwood.

Technical Specifications

Number of Cutters 2
Overall Dia. (D) 1/4"
Overall Length (H) 2-1/2"
Shank Dia. (A) 1/4"
Carbide Height (h) 1/2"
Radius (R) 1/8"
Max RPM 24000

Look in the tool database and you can use the two 1/4 inch ball nose bits #202 and #325 for starters. The 325 is closest to the Freud 72-101. Set it up like that one. If you need to make changes after trying it out go back and change what you need.


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