Suggestions/guidelines/hints for new folks?

The SO1/2 pretty naturally developed into its documentation due to a gradual roll-out to a larger audience — I think the SO3 has been victim of its own success and has had some difficulties. One thing which I think would help is an FAQ or guideline document for new users. Started by writing up the following on Facebook:

The nice thing about CNC is that it will execute perfectly, the correct instructions which you give it. The difficult thing about CNC is that it will execute perfectly the incorrect instructions which you give it, and only a project which is set up perfectly correctly from beginning to end and which doesn’t have any problems arise during the cutting will come out correctly.

  • As other folks have noted, start out with something simple.

  • Source inexpensive / free material for test cutting

  • Do test cuts — select tooling and use initial setttings from and verify feeds and speeds using the technique from: Calibrating Feeds and Speeds When Using Carbide Microtools

  • Keep notes on what works and what doesn’t, and keep a logbook tracking machine and endmill usage

  • Feel free to ask questions — if you get stuck on a project or file, we have a standing offer on for folks to send in a project or file which they’re having difficulties with and we’ll help, if need be working up a step-by-step tutorial on how to do it.


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