Suggestions please

What could I do with an 85mm cube of Rimu on my shapeoko 3. Still learning

Does the wood have any significance in and of itself?

Is there some especial thing you would want to celebrate with it?

Do you want to make one thing? Or multiples? Is re-sawing an option?

Do you have an HDZ? (~3.35" is a bit tall to fit under the gantry and have room for the endmill and so forth)

Would you be willing to make a fixture to rotate the block for cuts on multiple sides?

The first thing I would do is get or make a similar block of material for test cuts.

I would try and mill one of those (which I intend to make for myself, one of these days)


That would be a great exercise in mastering multi-sided machining, raised router, and managing Z clearance.



I love the cube. Whoever made it - Great Job :heartbeat:

Thanks for sharing

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