[sunday video] Taking dust shoes to the max

Saw this video pop up in my youtube feed:

using the 4th axis logic to control the height of the dust shoe… very clever.
Too bad he did not add some sort of height sensor :wink:


I thought I would skim through the video, I ended up watching the full 40 minutes, that’s how interesting it is. This guy is SMART, and meticulous.
Thanks for sharing!


Yeah, given improvements in machine vision and sensor technology, I really expect the next couple of major breakthroughs in CNC will be based on various sensor inputs (which is a thought which I think has come up here in the past).

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Love the magnets. I am wondering if I can modify my Sweepy V2 so the hose is removable with magnets to easily vacuum up other things. There is not a lot of clearance between the router and the black plastic you clamp your tube on.

Yeah, he has all kinds of ingenious projects. I’ve watched his YouTube channel for years.

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