SuperPID Build complete

Ordered a SuperPID back in September when they had their sale but I only got around to building a case and installing it in late January. Well started in January, but I’m finally finished.

I started by cutting a heatsink out of some 0.25" aluminum and then added some air slots and a small 5V fan. You can see the heatsink and fan below before I stuffed the SuperPid, heatsink, power supply and a rats nest of wires into the case I made.

The case is made out of ash, painted black, with aluminum panels, all cut on my SO3. The aluminum panels are from 0.08" sheet. The top panel has all the controls. I set it up so I could start out using the manual controls and speed POT and then later on add auto-start and PWM.

The bottom panel has all the inputs for power, the router and I used 0.125" audio jacks for the optical sensor, temperature sensor, PWM/Run control and output for the RPM Tach (probably never use this).

Also added some air vents on the side and cut the grills using my SO3. They’re sheet aluminum painted black.

When I installed the SuperPID optical sensor and temperature sensor I went in through the switch opening and printed an exit port for the wiring to make it look a little more finished. I decided to take the sensor wires and router power up along my dust collection hose.

I wanted to keep a power switch on the router but since I had taken the sensor wires through the switch hole I needed a new place to put it. I replaced the stock power cord and strain relied with a new 3D printed combination switch mount and power cord strain relief piece.

While I get around to setting up the automatic run and PWM connections I decided to add a simple RUN button on the front of the SO3 so I can easily start and stop the router. It plugs into the ‘Control’ port on the bottom of the case.

I’ve only done some quick tests to make sure I wired everything up correctly. Seems to work well with speed control from 5K up using the knob control. Next I need to mount the SuperPID on the wall behind my SO3 and move onto a new project.


Wow, that is super nice work!


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I also bought one while they were on sale, but still haven’t gotten around to installing it. This just might be the inspiration I need. Very nicely done.


holy crap, im in the middle of an install and now i have to start all over after seeing your control box… Thanks lol

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Great looking work! I came very close to purchasing a SuperPID, but I’m just not ready for it. Your Dewalt 611 hacks alos came out extremely nice. Thanks for sharing.

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Impressive, very nice work and setup.

One thing you could improve upon, is to use brass inserts instead on nut traps in your printed parts.

See for a quick example.

Death to nut traps!!! :smiley:

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Hey, thanks for all the positive comments!

@jayftee, I was scratching my head about the nut traps because I didn’t use any in the SuperPID case but then I looked back and realized you must be commenting on the nut traps in the dust shoe. What can I say, they work.:slight_smile:

I really like the retro look it has too. Very nice.

@jdg3 - thanks. I wasn’t really thinking retro look when I designed the case but now that you mention it…

Two more pictures. I just finished hooking every thing back together after mounting the SuperPID case on the wall behind my S03. It would be annoying up there but all I need to do is set the RPM and then the Run button at the front of the SO3 lets me toggle the router on/off.

And yes you can run the DWP611 at 5K RPM and it sits there + or - 5 RPM. Haven’t tried cutting at that speed yet but even at 10K its amazing how much quieter the router is.

Again. thanks for the positive comments.