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Prior to Christmas I ordered a Bitsetter from Carbide Accessories page not noticing that I inadvertently asked for the model for shapeoko 4. I have shapeoko 3.
Within half a day I realised the error and emailed Carbide to change the order. I was too late and it had been despatched.
Later a lady emailed me in reply to my asking for a change. I was not offered different wiring options to use this Bitsetter with my Shapeoko 3. No. I was told to send it back for a refund.
This was duly done and the purchase price returned to my credit card.
All square you say? No. The freight cost both ways was approx. $NZ 200.00.
Now am I correct believing that some different wiring would have allowed me to keep the Bitsetter, even though it was not listed for my Shapeoko 3? Because I cant afford to do it all again now
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Freight and exchange rates ( $135.55 USD ) are always an important part of every transaction, but due to your original error it seems that your problem got compounded quickly!

Where did you find the source for “different wiring?”

I too had the same issue for a bit I ordered. I wanted a flycutter and they were out of the 1/4" shaft and in my mind the metric would be the same as a 6.35mm. When it arrived, it was an 8mm. Yes, my error for not reading the full description. Emailed for an exchange and was told to send it back for a refund. (No Exchanges)
I found an 8mm collet and will order that instead. Not sure why they don’t have those as an inventory item since they have the bit on their site?

Will BitSetter work on my machine?

BitSetter comes with wiring adapters to fit any version of Carbide 3D Shapeoko electronics. It requires Carbide Motion 428 or later. BitSetter will not work on the red Sparkfun Shapeoko machines.

(Bottom of page)

I suspect that this is purely a mechanical compatibility issue: the SO3 BitSetter is designed to sit on the top of the front steel plate (with screws in the back to secure it), while the SO4 BitSetter is mechanically designed to be bolted onto the front plate of the SO4. So you would have no easy/standard/supported way to attach a SO4 BitSetter model to a SO3.


Are you saying that I could not have fitted the so4 bitsetter to my so3 machine.

Yes. If you look at the pictures of the two models, you will see that while the SO3 bitsetter has a slot in the back for it to be installed onto the front plate of Shapeoko3s, the SO4 bitsetter has a quite different shape and bolts onto the front right plate. So mounting a SO4 bitsetter on a SO3 would have been difficult.

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