Surface mapping (Mach4).. Cool video

If you don’t know “This old Tony”, then you are missing a great YouTube channel…

He just published a video on Surface mapping so you can do things such as VCarving on an irregular surface. worth a watch…


I just watched this and instinctively came here. I take it that Carbide Move doesn’t have anything like this right? :smiley:

Right now it doesn’t (but who knows what @robgrz is up to ! :slight_smile: )
bCNC has this feature.
Or you reach out to @fenrus and kindly ask if he would share the standalone software he wrote to do this, as described in this thread, and then in combination with his other tools to modulate g-code based on a heighmap, you would get similar results (and then you can still use Carbide Motion, since all the work has been done offline).


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