Surfacing waste board

Noob. Using Carbide Create. Tried using contour,vcarve and texture. Contour seemed to start ok but as it went along it seem to be stepping up from center with each pass. Help. Thanks

Usually such alterations are caused by either insufficient belt tension (guitar string tight, but careful not to bend the motor shaft) or trying to reach down farther than the machine can — lower router in mount, increase endmill stickout (w/in manufacturer’s guidelines), remove one spring.

It could be making a ridge as a result of the spindle not square with the table. Are the ridges or step ups the same distance apart as your step over?

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Thanks Will. I noticed the belts on the z were loose. I’ll try it. But I feel like the bit might be getting wore out.

I’m running a .40 step over. I’ve slowed everything down

Always inspect the endmill as part of: and remember they’re consumables. Unless you stock is markedly less expensive than en endmill always err on the side of replacing too soon rather than too late.

Will, that did it. Worked great surfacing 33x33 with out a stop! Thanks

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