Surplus Acrylic Available

We’re about to clean house at my company & get rid of (do something with) a bunch of acrylic that we don’t use. It’s mostly 1/8" but there’s also some 3/16" & 1/4". Colors:

frosted (P95) clear
satin ice (frosted all the way through the material) in clear and white
… and some other miscellaneous things.

There’s also a 1" thick sheet of Chroma (

Would anybody be interested in any of this? I have to see what the company is willing to do, but I think we’d probably let it go really cheap. I could cut it into pieces for UPS… you’d have to pay shipping. The 1" thick Chroma would have to go as a full sheet… we can’t cut it.

Let me know if any of you are interested in any of this.


I’m interested - sent you a PM

Thanks much

Possibly interested also. PM sent

Ditto. Will also send a note.

I’m interested in some 1.8 acrylic!

I’ve gone through most of it. See the attached list. Full sheet pricing is in bold on the right. The original prices are next to it - most of those are a couple of years old & I’m sure prices would be even higher now.

A few of you messaged me privately - if you did, it’s available to you in the order you contacted me.

We’d prefer to sell full sheets but I’ll cut it down within reason for UPS if necessary, probably 2’ x 4’ or 4’ x 4’ pieces. And if you want a bunch of it (or all of it!) make an offer.

These have been here for a few years & have been moved & sorted through. some might have light scratches or liner peeling. If there’s anything significant I’ll let you know.

And lastly, please be patient! I’m mostly doing this for all of you, because I like the idea of helping, or saving you money, or both, but I have to deal with my regular job stuff first. I’ll respond as promptly as I can. Thank you!

Edit: If I cut it into pieces it’ll be rough cut, within 1/4" or so of the size you request.Just so you know.

Acrylic Surplus.pdf (112.9 KB)

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