Surprise when surfacing my workpiece

I just got a Whiteside Spoilboard surfacer 6210 - it is 1" diameter. I set up a toolpath from the bottom left the size of my wood (6.5" x 11") to shave off 10thou. I then centered the tool as normal on the bottom lefthand corner (0,0) and set ZO as usual.
However the resultant cut was offset 0.5" in the X and Y directions and did not cut the left and bottom part of my wood by 1/2". So, it seems you have to set the OUTSIDE of the tool at 0,0 NOT the center of the tool as usual.

Why change from centering the center of the tool at 0,0? To get what I wanted I set the toolpath to a rectangle 1/2" larger in both X and Y (and checked no clamps were in the way).

Is this normal in Carbide Create for surfacing bits? (or is it a bug). I am using CC build 413 right now…

There is a bit of discussion of this sort of thing at:


Thanks Will - I looked at the links but could not see anything that addressed my problem

I was not surfacing the spoilboard. I was just trying to level an actual small workpiece before I did a v-carve - and was surprised by the half inch offset from work coordinates 0,0

It’s the same concept — you set zero relative to the center of the tool, but cut from its edge.

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