Surprising Inlay material

We are making some simple Christmas ornaments using matching disks made from 1/4" floor underlayment with a star in the center using the Advanced V-Carve option in Carbide Create. Before gluing the two halves together we wanted some type of colored material to fill in the star.

We tried polymer clay (it works but when sanding off the excess clay it removes the top veneer that had some grain pattern and revealed what looked like an embarrassed ornament), tin foil (durable but blocks light), tissue paper (easily torn) and colored Duck tape (durable but only colored on one side and too thick). None of these worked as noted but then we stumbled across something that did.

Ribbon used for wrapping gifts. This comes in lots of varieties and I don’t know the exact nomenclature to describe what we used but it had some useful characteristics. The ribbon was colored clear through, it was difficult to tear, was thin enough and mostl surprising was a LED light (such as found on Christmas trees) when shone on the ribbon created a stained glass window effect highlighting the herringbone pattern of the ribbon material.

Admittedly the photos do not do them justice.




I see Santa is hard at work. For new woodworkers you have to start Christmas in September-October if you want to have finished projects in December. For some reason life just keeps getting in the way of starting and/or finishing projects. Usually the two weeks before Christmas I am very busy finishing the presents I make for family and friends.


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