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Newbie here.

I have a SVG I created in Microsoft PowerPoint. The PP slide includes Text I created with power point and a couple png images. When I save it as a SVG, inkscape displays it as expected. When I open the SVG in carbide create, the png images are missing. Am I doing something wrong? How can I get these image to carry over to cc?
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Interesting! Uploading the svg give the same behavior as CC.

Your question is not clear to me.

Hi Tex,
Do you see the difference in the 2 images? The first one is from carbide create. The second is from Inkscape. They are the same svg file.

I see the difference, but it was confusing as to “witch witch was witch!” :smiley:

The problem here is Carbide Create only supports the basics of geometry in SVG. Things which it doesn’t support:

  • embedded pixel images
  • text as text (convert to paths)
  • special features such as arrays

Suggest opening the SVG in Inkscape, setting it to view in outline mode, then adjusting the file as necessary (Path | Object to Path is one useful command).

And rounds and other shapes. I tried to import a regather simple group of shapes as Svg into cc and it was distorted badly. Into other programs was no problem.

Please send any files which exhibit difficulties with import in to us at and we’ll do our best to work out getting a developer to look into them.

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