Svg showing up blank

To get started i’ve looked into posts with similar problems but have not found a solution to what i’m encountering… still learning inkscape and carbide create so please bear with me if i’m missing something obvious and any help is much appreciated…

I’m starting out by saving an image of text from a word document because the font isn’t available in inskape or carbide create, it is called Brush Script MT (I am attempting to make a sign)

I then import the svg into inskape and am able to successfully trace to bitmap and drag a new copy of the image and save the file to import into carbide create.

when I import into carbide create it is completely blank. I don’t get it because I’ve successfully traced fonts and texts from logos and other words and they’ve come out great using carbide create but for whatever reason I can’t get this to show up at all - just blank. I an making sure that I am not saving the original file but the bitmap trace.

I’m at my wits end with this one, seems to me there shouldn’t be any reason for it but I am too new and inexperienced to go any further on my own…

thank you in advance for any help

The font does show on my system but I am running the Beta of V5. I created the text and exported it as an SVG. See if this works for you.

I just switched over to the beta v5 but I didn’t see it there? Your file seems to have a broken link or something, this is what it looks like on my end.

thanks for you help

Carbide Create doesn’t import text from SVGs or DXFs — you need to convert to paths. In Inkscape the command is Path | Object to Path.

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I saw this tip and gave it tried but I must be doing it wrong.

when i select the image and select object to path it say in the bottom of the screen " no object to convert to paths"

I noticed the preview was not displaying. Here is the file as a zip. It imported fine as an SVG to a new project (not as text).
NO SHOES (42.7 KB)

that came out great! May I ask what was your process to get the end result?

In a new CC project I made two text entries on for each line using the brush Script font with a height of 1", then aligned their horizontal middles. Then exported as an SVG. I figured if I sent the CD2 and your system didn’t recognize the font it would not be much help. You might want to try and save a copy of the font file and uninstall it then reinstall it for all users to see if that helps. There are some other threads that also talk about moving fonts into a Carbide create directory as well.

So it looks like you already had the brush script font in your CC to begin with and since I don’t have it you sent via svg so I can get it. Got it.

Did you move that font into CC at an earlier date and had in your inventory or was that something you managed to import as needed?

With that being said I will certainly look into the threads for moving fonts into CC.

The brush script is a standard font that comes with my microsoft word, it doesn’t look like something I can uninstall and reinstall with all user access…

I have not had any issues with missing fonts in CC. There are several threads that talk about the topic and limitations of CC (maximum number of allowed fonts, sorting of the fonts). Many of the work arounds suggest installing a font for all users, or directly into the CC font directory. The later has the side benefit of getting those fonts to the top of the list. Maybe font capabilities will change with the new version.

There is a font tool in windows that will allow you to uninstall fonts. You’ll want to save a copy of the TTF file first so you’d have it to reinstall for all users. The tool is a legacy tool and runs really slow if you have a large number of fonts installed.

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