Sweepy 2.0 Jtech 7w Laser Mount

Since the standard mounts that come with the Jtech laser aren’t compatible with the HDM I’m working on a simple universal mount for the sweepy. The is iteration 1. Take the sweepy 2.0, remove the bottom magnetic cover and hose adapter, and install the sweepy upside down on the spindle. The mount slides into the vacuum port and the laser module attaches magnetically. There is an indicator mark baked into the laser mount to assist with repeatability of installing.

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I have the original JTech SuckIt mount and it works fine with the Sweepy 2.0 and my 7w JTech laser.

Smart use of the Sweepy to get halfway there!
A word of advice from someone who 3D-printed a number of BAD laser mounts: make sure the mount is rigid enough. If it isn’t, it will wobble when the machine is accelerating/decelerating, leaving squiggly lasered lines (when you look closely enough). I had to reduce accels a lot to compensate, but then the lasering takes forever.

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I remember your struggles. If needed I’ll reinforce it use a stiffer material than petg.

Revision / option 2

This mount slides through the inverted sweepy mount and uses the magnets for locations and holding force. And it looks like a happy frog.

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After some additional testing, here is the final draft. I found that using the top magnets for positioning / retention wasn’t going to work. I also didn’t like the possibility of the mount coming loose and falling out the bottom so I combined both ideas and made the mount slide in from the top with both a friction fit and retention ring and a small clearance to keep stress from deforming / breaking the sweepy. There are reference marks on both the sweepy and my mount to assist with repeatability and I believe it can reliably be installed with a few thou repeatability. Error of course will stack from the sweepy to the mount with both being able to rotate.

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Here is the final mount. Print at 75% infill in PLA or other rigid material. PET-G has too much flex. The through holes are slightly undersized so you can drill them out with a .125" bit.


Without dimensions its hard to tell, but it looks bendy to me. If its bendy, then its vibrationey, too. :smiley: There’s a lot of G-forces during changes in direction, but perhaps its just stiff enough. While the laser’s kerf is in the neighborhood of 0.007", I was surprised by how much wiggle shows up in the cut trace. Small letters that were Sans Serif became Serif! :smiley:

If you’ve solved the main problem with J-tech mag mounting (movement during a job from bumping into something or you bumping into it), then its a success. I fixed that in mine in various ways, but I’m using the standard router mounting brackets.

It’s not bendy at all actually. The hoop part is a friction fit into the vacuum hookup hole which stabilizes the mount. The top lip also provides stability and increases the contact area between the parts. The vertical mount itself is about 12mm thick at the thickest point.

I’ve included the source files for mount so feel free to modify as you see fit.


Here’s a different style that could be modified to work. There are a few others in that thread.

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Would have liked to see more of this video. Connecting it up. Maybe even running a project.

Here you go

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