Sweepy in Canada?

Is there anywhere I can get a Sweepy in Canada? Would like to try one out but the $30+ USD for shipping is a bit over the top! Cost of shipping is more than cost of the boot.

You might get lucky if you look for that one that’s already made in Canada. Might not cost as much to get it to you.

And it will probably be really polite, clean up all the dust and then apologise for any it missed too.


I didn’t know there was a Canuck boot…

If I had the space I would buy a 3d printer and make my own. But the wife gave a hard no on that idea. Lol

Its the one everyone around here is buying instead of one of the ones that are Made In USA (PwnCnc).

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I use the pwncnc boot and love it… You can even buy the hardware and print it yourself

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