Sweepy - The Dustboot that sucks

This is REALLY frustrating! One of the reasons I liked the Shapeoko unit was because it was Made in the USA - then they go and design a dust boot that fits EUROPEAN hoses - and no one seems to be able to come up with an adapter sort of making their own. The Shapeoko Help Desk (who is very responsive, I’ll give them that) recommended a Bosch VAC004, which is a 35mm to 2.5" adapter, but the 35mm side is female - so is the Sweepy adapter - so I need an adapter to fit the adapter. Ugh… There has got to be something out there.

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here’s an adapter:


and here’s a hose with pretty standard fitting:


FWIW, my Craftsman Track Saw has a dust hose which has the same outside diameter (~35mm), so there seems to be some support for this size domestically.


Someone should make a YouTube video where in CC they draw a few circles, then cut it out on their Shapeoko. Name it something like the YouTuber Sweepy Adapter. I think it will be wildly popular.


Thanks Will. I ordered it. Seems the one I ordered, even thought it was a Bosch 33mm didn’t cut it. I’ll give this a try.

After reading this thread a few weeks ago I bought a “WORKSHOP Wet Dry Vacuum Adapter WS25007A 2-1/2-Inch Universal Wet Dry Shop Vacuum Adapter Is An Ideal Shop Vacuum Accessory” (Amazon description) at the depot and cut it to fit. Works great.


I have one of those too. I didn’t use it because it has those flanges on it and it contacts the router. Wish I could find an eccentric one.

The retractable hose from Rockler fits into the sweepy great and the spring in it makes it work well with the movement of the machine.



Have you tried it with the “new” Sweepy? (see @Todd photo above) It takes a male 35mm ID fitting - and the port has a boss/gusset (whatever) on the back preventing a female fitting.

Thus far there has only been one Sweepy iteration (in two sizes, 65 and 69mm).

Correct. My concern is the fitting for the dust pick up. I know Shapeoko has recommended one from Bosch, and it works, but it is anconcentric reducer - and it needs to be eccentric. I don’t have a 3D printer so this would be a great opportunity for Shapeoko to make one to fit their Sweepy. (hint, hint)

I will make one asap.
What size hose do you have? Inside/Outside diameter?
Would you rather I make it to fit this Peachtree Hose

@CNCInspiration, if you can make an eccentric adapter like The Bosch VAC020 (https://www.amazon.com/Bosch-VAC020-2-Inch-Hose-Adapter/dp/B000WAAFXA/ref=pd_ybh_a_40?_encoding=UTF8&psc=1&refRID=N62FQ7JD61TGRKWW3VH7) - except eccentric, and your price is reasonable, I’d be game for one (or 2) for sure.

There may also be others interested.

I will be happy to share the model for free or I can print with standard 3d print pricing, (Web calculator) and actual shipping cost.
I have a Sweepy and also the adapter you listed, And since it just so happens I had this on my list of things to do, and I just got done modelling a adapter for the Suckit, I don’t mind doing this at all.
It will be measured to fit on my HDZ.
Also I highly recommend switching to a hose with a metal wire to attach a ground to prevent static dust buildup. It is a hazard.
I will make two adapters, one with my dust sleeve design for the 2-1/2" Peachtree hose and one with the simple slide on hose you shared the link for.
Could you share a pic of your hose end for me please?

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From: https://wiki.shapeoko.com/index.php/Dust_Shoe#Commercial

Adapters and hoses

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Here is what I came up with. It is setup for maximum flow and should fit much better then the adapter listed which was flopping around in the Sweepy port on mine anyway.
Doing a test print now, I will adjust the bottom for a perfect Sweepy fit.
If you show me a picture of the hose you are using I can customize the top for you. This model has 2-1/2" outside diameter.

Fusion Viewer


I like it. As long as it will fit a 2-1/2" hose.

The 2-1/2" vac hose fits nicely on a 2-1/2" PVC pipe.

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It has a perfect Sweepy fit, enough friction to stay put but easy to pull out.

I see you already have the Peachtree hose, I will work on a sleeve and cap with hose threads next.


Nice. You need to put this out there when you are done. I’m sure there are people who will want it.

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