Sweet Rails bro

So you have an HDZ but the Tormach kids are still picking on you? Time to even the playing field and address the shapeokos biggest weak link after the Z axis.

Hgh15 linear rail adapter machined with the Bantam and ready to rock.

For the past two months ive been running “detuned” to establish a baseline speeds and feeds for HDZ users. Time to reeeeaaally turn it up and not have to worry about X delrin wheel deflection!


Surprised you’re still running the stock mount and adapter — have you considered machining one to fit a 65mm CCR/Makita?

The goal has always been to keep the machine as stock as possible yet test the limits.

Compared to the x wheel replacement, a new motor mount seems like lots of work for little reward. If it would make that much of a difference ide probably just brace it with a 90 plate.

It should be interesting to see what is the next weak link, especially with an er20 adapter coming.

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Still waiting on the availability Vince. Looks great. I want one.


Very nice, haha those hurtful tormach kids… where are the HAAS kids when you need them?

Looks good, On the stock extrusion it feels like the linear rails are too close together and will have a huge amount of force on them, I guess you don’t know till you try… can always buy a bigger extrusion to replace the C3D one.

You’d be surprised how little cutting force we actually produce and the are four individual blocks bolted to the same plate and that makes it very ridgid.

Im making minor changes and machining the new belt tensioner brackets as we speak. It feels many more times ridgid than the V wheels just by trying to flex by hand.


Awesome, with the gantry on the machine it looks right.

Actually no… It looks badass

Between this, and the hdz I think you’ve removed the weakest points of the shapeoko… not that they were that weak to begin with.

Looking forward to seeing what you can get out of it now

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4digit club
Steel belt brotherhood
Linear motion hybrid



±0.001 over entire fixture plate. Tram still has a teeny kick forward but surface finish proves the project was a success.

You know I’m doing Y next, new side plates, little tougher.


This is interesting.
You can see the height differences in Y± as the gantry rides down the rails.

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