T-Handle caddy enjoy

Original design belongs to Mike Bryan found on " the other site" lol.
Again not my design, just reworked it and the material to give it my own flair and ran it through v-carve for tool paths. I used a 3/8" cutting board I bought at Wal-Mart for like $12 and hardware at Home depot was another $35. If I had just used threaded rod and not used the hollow aluminum rod to make it prettier lol it would have cost me less than $10 for hardware.


Sorry, I may have posted this in the wrong spot!


Clean execution, and I agree - those standoffs are pricey.

I have used Tube stock and cut them down to size before.

I love T handles, How do you like those (Husky?) so far?

I like them well enough… I actually prefer my socket set of allens over anything. T handles are nice in that they don’t let me over torque the screw as much.