T-Track on the XxL

Hello, just installed the new T-tracks on my XxL and they went in pretty smoothly. The 6 outside screws directly under the rails on the filler board were tough to get to, but I managed to get them in straight. I’m thinking of varnishing the MDF now. Think it will run between the boards and the tracks and really lock everything together, preserve the boards, and be easier to clean up. Any downside I’m not thinking of?

I’d remove the T tracks before varnishing or you’ll bond them to the MDF pretty permanently.

I used a polyurethane varnish on the MDF baseboards on my XXL but I did them off the machine so that I could cover all the areas that sit on the steel, inside the bolt holes etc.

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As Liam suggested I would finish the 6 sides of each mdf board off the machine. Eventually you will surface the top side but you could re-apply the finish.

I like the idea of the varnish locking everything together. That was the reason I originally planned on doing it. The tracks will be especially secure with no chance of pulling out if too much torque is applied. My base MDF board was pretty well used…

Do you happen to have some pictures and lessons learned in installation t-tracks on your xxl. I have been wanting to move to t-tracks but haven’t had a chance yet. Did u add the t-tracks on top of the spoil board to make everything sit a little higher than the edge metal?

The factory documents were pretty straightforward. I wasted a lot of time trying to find a clamp with enough reach to hold the filler boards from the sides; 3” C-clamps from the front and back work fine. I surfaced the base waste board first to take out a couple bubbled up areas. I drilled the pilot holes through the parts with them clamped in place. I wedged 4 tongue depressors in front to keep the parts flush all along the edge while I worked.

This system won’t work on its own so you need to attach it to the stack MDF board. The side screws are tough. I started the screws by driving them with My thumb then used a Philips head bit in a wrench to get them the rest of the way in. Great upgrade.


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