Tab Editing in Carbide Create

Editing Tabs is a feature that could stand to be implemented. I found a few mentions of the issue going back to 2018 but it would appear that this has not received any love as yet. What is unhelpful for the placement of the tabs when there is no facility to move tabs placed or to remove them without losing them all. In a complex construction lots of tabs may be placed. I was only placing 10 tabs and having placed one in the wrong place, they all had to be removed and that happened to me twice.

One part of this issue is that the cursor does not necessarily activate the line it is over. Where the lines are within 5 mm, the line next to the one required may be where the tab is placed. It is difficult to understand why tabs cannot moved or deleted from a context sensitive mouse button.

The selection cursor really could do with a set of options so that I can remove the offset and be sure that what I am clicking on is what will be selected.


  1. Real editing of tabs provided (rather than the current requirement to delete them all to make a change) based upon a context sensitive mouse buttons for delete and move.

  2. The ability to specify no offset for the selection cursor so that accuracy of selection is assured.

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