Tablet Usage Instead of Laptop

I’ve seen that some people use a tablet to run their projects. What exactly are you using? Have a laptop to design, but having some issues with the usb port, and if I don’t have to get a new laptop. We have an older windows tablet??? Please share your thoughts/experiences.

My current choice is the Fusion 5 tablet and Rii mini-keyboard.

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I’d guess your Windows tablet will be fine. Otherwise, what @SLCJedi Josh recommended.

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I’ve used a Toshiba Encore 2 Write 10 (still use it occasionally if all other machines are busy) and a Samsung Galaxy Book 12.

Rather envious of how well my son’s Surface Book 2 runs Carbide Create and Motion, but can’t tolerate NTrig digitizers, so not an option for me, but most folks who use them seem pleased w/ them.

The Fusion 5 tablet is a budget option which works well for a lot of folks.

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I have a Surface 3 (not sure if Pro or not) and the Bluetooth on it sucks so I can’t use the Rii keyboard. Ugh.

sometimes tablets do super aggressive power management on USB… and you don’t want that in the middle of a cut. Two options: Find the OS settings to disable that (meh) or just use a wall-powered USB hub (that’s a good idea for reliability anyway)

that also solves the common issue of having too few USB ports on the tablet; once you have that hub in the middle you can put in the bluetooth dongle thingy for those little keyboards/etc there as well.

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I use Surface Pro 7 8gb models on all my machines. They can record video and even live stream at the same time they are running Carbide Motion. I have run 50 hour carve sessions with no issues. I designed some 3D printed tablet holders to go with, if anyone needs any.


Thanks Jeff, this machine is getting close to being in operation, a work in progress… Printing a ton of brackets and other parts, and need to get my water cooling setup finished. Not enough hours in the day!

Wise words my friend. I would jump at the chance to work with C3D any time, they have treated me very well. I learned CNC from this forum, and owe a debt to its members which I do my best to repay every chance I get.


I’ve not got one, but if it’s just to the run the code, wouldn’t a Raspberry Pi do the job?

Carbide Motion on a Raspberry Pi - Software / Carbide Motion - Carbide 3D Community Site

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The Rii mini-keyboard has it’s own bluetooth/USB dongle. So if you have an open USB port, you can use it.

To use a Windows tablet that ships in “S Mode” you have to change it to use normal windows mode. I had to do that to the Fusion 5 tablets I’ve used.

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Even your tablet gets a drag chain?!


Four wires coming out of there, two USB, a power cable and there is a 120 mm pc fan mounted behind the tablet for cooling with another power cable… Chain needs adjusted, it is loose right now. Going to shorten a few links next chance I get :wink:

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I used an old Win-tab until I dropped it and shattered the display now I use a Bmaxx mini Pc with windows 10 on an old 17" monitor and love that it takes up hardly any space. I have a bluetooth track ball mouse and mini wireless keyboard but mainly use just the mouse from my lap.

That is really impressive form factor considering the capabilities.

I’m sorting my workflow out now and had my head spinning with all of the options.

These mini pc’s are really good. I’ve an ASUS one as a local linux server that’s got 64GB of RAM, 1TB NVMe storage, and 6 cores… and it’s tiny and silent.


Using a HP Elitepad myself. It handles Carbode Motion perfectly. It also comes with a ‘backpack’ that has a couple of real USB ports so no dongles to mess about with.

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I was surprised at how well my Nextbook 10 ran Carbide Motion considering it only has 2 gigs of RAM and Carbide Motion says it requires 4. I tried it out because I wanted a touch screen and it works great!

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I use an old Windows Surface.

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