Tabs being lost/not saving

I can’t seem to figure out any sort of pattern, but occasionally (and more frequently since I got Build 757) I’ll save a design, close it come back the next day and notice that literally all of my tabs are gone. They were there yesterday because I distinctly remember adding all couple dozen of them back into the design. Nothing else seemed to have changed except for all the lost tabs.

Anyone else having these issues?

I’m running Mac Ventura 13.2.1, Carbide Create Build 757

Added tabs in 757 on Mac:

which work:

saved file:

tabtest.c2d (44 KB)

Quit Carbide Create, relaunch, load file:

still there:

Post the file you are having this problem in?

Yeah, most times I don’t have any issues with tabs saving. It’s only been recently that they’ve been lost and it’s not consistent. Just want to flag in case anyone else is experiencing the same issue. Here’s the file if you want to dig into anything within.

Book_Shelf_v2.c2d (704 KB)

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Is it possible you forgot to save. Usually CC is pretty good about prompting you to save but not always. Usually when you are done you just want to move on to something else and …

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