Technical question re: stepper motors

Would the electronics hardware have an issue if only one y-axis stepper was connected or is there any kind of hw/sw protection against it?

It’s my understanding that there’s a separate driver for the second Y-axis motor, and that stepper drivers are damaged by losing connectivity while powered up, but are okay if never connected (they’re weird).

I briefly considered setting up a drive shaft for my machine to free up the second motor as I did on my Shapeoko 1:

and always meant to confirm the above with @Jorge

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Cool, yeah I was looking into trying to macguyver a rotary table onto my shapeoko and swap out the Y axis travel for rotary spin, but it would only be the single stepper so just don’t want to damage the control board. I could remove the belt pulley I suppose and just let the other motor spin freely but, that’s more setup time.

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