Temporary HDZ Dust Setup

Could anyone with an HDZ and the Suckit Dust Boot tell me some details about the spacer that bolts to the blue ears? I’m in a bind and have ordered my HDZ to arrive this week, but Suckit is out of stock until later this month. Just trying to rig up something temporary to allow me to use my old Suckit dust boot with my new HDZ until I can order the real thing later this month.

I have some material to make my own grooved piece, but I don’t know the hole size or spacing of the blue ears, and I need to know the depth of the piece in order to find the right length bolts to mock this up. I think my temporary piece will be made of 2 thin tubes and a bunch of epoxy to form the middle part.

I promise I’m not ripping them off, just making a substitute until I can give them (some more of) my business. If you could help me and would prefer to protect Suckit’s measurements, please send me a private message instead. Thank you!

I designed and 3D printed a set of spacers for my HDZ since the ones I received were not the right size. What is the width of your dust shoe and what is the distance between the slot faces (magnet faces). I’ll see if it is the same as what I have. If not, I can design and print them if you want. I also have the magnets and socket head cap screws for them as well.

@MadHatter I appreciate the offer, but another member has some extra pieces, mainly the offset spacers, from an actual HDZ Suckit kit that he’s able to sell to me. Thanks though!

Ah, I think I was confused about what part you wanted. I have a suckit and HDZ, but my spacers for the acrylic arms are white, not blue.

Anyway, glad to hear that you got it sorted out.

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@MadHatter Sorry if it was confusing. I meant that I ordered the blue aluminum ears from Carbide that provide the mounting surface to the HDZ for the Suckit system. I was mainly looking for the white spacers I think you’re referring to. Found them, and hopefully this will get me up and running. Thanks!

Now I got you. Yeah, I have one of the first HDZ units and I have a slightly different set of “ears”, and I lost my set. I’m using a 3D printed set, but there’s a lot of flex in them. I need to contact Carbide and see about a new set of “vintage” ears.

I have a shapeoko 3 xxl, and ordered the ears for the suckit, but am in a similar boat as suckit is out of the adapters. I’ve emailed them and waiting to hear back. Is there anyone on here who would be either willing to design/sell an adapter setup for me? Obviously willing to pay… have the DeWalt DWP611 router.

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