Text engraving leaving bare areas

I am experimenting engraving text on 6061 anodized aluminum using a 90 degree diamond drag bit. My first experiment is engraving the letter A with a height of 5mm.

I’m engraving the letter with two toolpaths - A contour to outline the letter and a pocket to fill in the inside area. What’s happening is that the intersection of the horizontal and vertical parts of the letter are not being engraved. The toolpath shows these blank areas.

What do I need to do to get the entire inside of the letter engraved? Images attached.

BTW I tried using the MC Etcher 120 and it did a poor job of engraving, smearing metal on the outside of the letter.




The font I was using, Bahnschrift, creates the letter with two parts. When I select the character in design mode the Boolean operations do not appear.

I’m new at this and did not know a using texture would be a better option.

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To convert Text to Curves (which can have Boolean operations applied), select the text, then perform ‘Offset Vectors’ on it, using a very small offset (for example, 0.0001 mm) - inside or outside doesn’t matter. Then, IMMEDIATELY ‘grab’ the selected objects and move them - this will move the ‘curves’ away from the text object.

You can use boolean operations on the new ‘Curves’.

This has gotten easier in the new CC6 beta, see:


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