Text in a pocketed area using Carbide Create?

Using Carbide Create, how do you specify that text (or a shape) within a pocketed area should NOT be removed by the pocket operation?

I am trying to somewhat replicate the sample file that is opened when you start Carbide Create. See below.

When recreating these in CC, I see no way of ‘grouping’ the text to the pocketed shape… am I missing something? Was the sample file that is open automatically opened NOT designed with Carbide Create?

Convert the type to paths

Set the text you want plus an extra letter — draw a shape which covers the extra, then use the boolean function, deleting the extra — the balance will become paths

Thanks Will… I may need to clarify a bit! :slight_smile:

The sample file that loads when CC starts includes changeable text (ie. not paths) that I can modify but, if I open another file, I am unable to do the same effect.

The top part of this image is modified from the one that loads when starting CC.

  1. I can change the text and the tool paths change accordingly.
  2. There is only one pocket operation for the top shape.

The bottom part of the image is me trying to recreate the effect from scratch.

  1. I can tell CC to pocket the bottom rectangle with the same settings as the top rectangle, but text (or any other shape for that matter) is completely ignored. Notice how the text in the bottom pocket is ignored unlike the text in the top?

Does that clarify at all? Thanks again!

Seems to work here

1 - clear drawing
2 - create text block
3 - draw rectangle
4 - select both
5 - create toolpath

Perhaps its a layering thing? Not AFAICT — changing order still works here

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Thanks, that worked! I have no idea how that was not one of the combination of things I tried before posting to the forums!