Text up and down while cutting

Good morning everyone, Can anyone explain why my Shapeoko 4 Pro cutter keeps going up and down poking at the stock at lease 20 times for each letter? It does complete the text but takes forever. Do I have something set wrong, OR, is there a way to eliminate this. THANKS!

Is this with V carving?

Curves are converted to polylines, and sometimes the algorithm tries too hard to cut details.

Post the file?

Hi Will, yes its with vcarving

As @WillAdams it is t he way CC makes the file and CM implements it. Depending on the Font a vcarve is going down the corners of letters at an angle and that appears as the router hopping around. It also depends on the size of t he letters. So the bottom line is there is nothing wrong from a mechanical or software perspective. It is just annoying from an operator point of view.

Make sure your retract height is set to the minimum you can set it to speed things up. If you set a high retract height it will take more time to rise and lower for all the pecking.


Thank you, I appreciate the feedback.

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