Texture not respecting boundries in preview

(Andrew Doran) #1

Trying out some textures. I wanted to make an address sign with a hand-carved look. I got some decent looking hand carving grooves with a few adjustments of the texture parameters, but when I simulate the carve the texture lines protrude into the letter and outline that defines the space for the texture to carve.

Is this just a limitation of the software, or will the texture carve into the letters when I run it?

Here is the simulation with the texture off, and with it on.


(William Adams) #2

The problem is the textures are calculated at the center of the endmill — you can get around this by offsetting the text and insetting the boarder and then doing the texture for those paths instead.


(Andrew Doran) #3

I guess offset by 1/2 the dia. of the endmill is an OK workaround. I was expecting it to work like a pocket, and use the selected geometry as the boundary. I can’t think of a reason why you wouldn’t want it to work like a pocket, but then I probably have a bit of tunnel vision for my current needs.

Thanks for your reply!


(Andrew Doran) #4

Much Better, Thanks

My ball end mills arrive next week, so I can carve it!


(Rob Grzesek) #5

Be sure and post a picture of the finished part.


(Lake Forest, Ca. ) #6

Nicely done C3D. CC has come a long way since I tried it, hmmm, 3 years ago?

Think I’ll revisit. The latest version 400 looks good.