Thank you to a Smart, Funny and Helpful Group

I am a member of several online forums about various woodworking subjects. I have to say overall the Carbide 3d community if one of the best I belong to. Some forums you get a lot of snarky or just plain rude comments. I have only seen helpful suggestions and a real desire to help one another in this community. Many of the internet social media outlets today are plagued with a bunch of keyboard warriors ready to criticize and ridicule because they think they are anonymous. Facebook and Twitter have become sewers with people that are not willing to give anyone a break.

Thanks for being involved and helpful to all who seek advise and fellowship. This is a special group that I just wanted to praise and am proud to be a part of. Keep up the good work.


I agree 110%

Iā€™m so new to all of this and feared asking for help and getting rude comments. Everyone has been great with helping and sharing, including you. Definitely a great community!


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