That alligator clip on the probe gauge

Not gonna lie. It kinda sucks. I wonder why they went with such a small one considering we are all using 1/4” routers. Has anyone replaced that clip yet with something a little wider? Or am i the only one having troubles with it?

I have been using a rare earth magnet the last few months and it’s worked great for me. Not my idea, I’ve seen many options using some sort of magnet, and it sure has worked well for me.


I use a much larger clip from my wife’s fencing gear, and a magnet to hold it in place over the Probe.


I got this magnet clip for like 15 dollars off Ebay, I think they are selling on Etsy now for 17… Little expensive for what it is if you ask me. The magnet was too weak so I added a second magnet, kind of a pain in the ass when it gets stuck on the collet but it works way better then the gater clip, and yes it drove me crazy also.

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The stock clip flies off at once each time I use it. I dont know why I have not went to the hardware store and got a bigger clip. I also have a Shark Pro HD Plus and their touch plate has a magnet on the end of their ground for the router bit. I like that but that CNC has a Bosch 2.25 HP router and has a bigger collet nut.

Maybe I will go to the hardware store with my mask and gloves tomorrow and get a bigger one. I have soldering irons and heat shrink to keep the clip from touching the touch probe prematurely by a sagging clip.

Here is what I did with my touch probe and the alligator clip. I put a screw in the apron of the table to keep the clip from flying around.


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