That fan thing that comes with the nomad3

My nomad 3 came with a piece of plastic that should function like a fan, but I don’t know where to attach it. The spindle is too thin to hold it and it just spins and rattles. Unless I’m missing something obvious the directions I received just make mention of it in the packing list but don’t actually say where to put it.

Can anyone tell me how to install it?

Could you take a photo of it?

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That thing goes over your collet nut. It should slide on after you’ve got the collet and bit installed and snugged down, and just slide over the ER11 nut. Friction will hold it in place and pressure from the fan blowing down will keep it from dislodging during use.

I don’t use it because it turns small messes into big ones :slight_smile:


Good to know. Thanks. I installed an air blast system on my old nomad so I might try this on there instead instead. Might be a good compliment to the vacuum attachment there.