The 3d carving bar has now been set to a new HIGH

I came across this T-REX made on a SO3-XXL and holy hell it is so impressive he could sell this for thousands of dollars if he wanted to.

This project blew my mind and I hope he shares the 3d files so I can make just the head.

Dennis van Hoof

Take a Bow Sir!


The STL files are freely available. The head is also available as a STL item on Thingiverse.

He did additional sectioning to fit the head to the stock he had available. It is fantastic, but notice that he spend a month or so on this on just the cutting. Not sure you can “make” much money on this if you sell it for say 3k. Resin casting might more scalable for small runs. In my long term wish project wish list.

Yep, @DennisVanHoof does some crazy good stuff with his Shapeoko


With more time spent really getting the surface finish like glass with an epoxy coating something like that could easily fetch well over 15k in the right market. It just needs to be seen by the right crowd. My friend lived in Dubai for 6 years and flew me there to visit for 2 weeks and if that was on display in the mall by The Burj Khalifa it wouldn’t last 3 days before it got purchased. Just park it by the valet entrance with a silent auction sign and wait.

I never felt so broke in my life until I tried shopping there. The entire 3 story mall has polished granite flooring and there were at least 5 super cars in the valet parking every time I went there. I never saw so many crazy things in one place before.

It wouldn’t get much locally but given the right exposure there is no doubt in my mind it would fetch a solid price.


I see what you are getting at.

By the way, there is also a stegosaurs and a triceratops file set. The stego file is apparently harder to print, but I would guess that doesn’t translate to machining difficulties per say.