The biggest project I’ve cut on my far

This is a prototype tray I cut from glued up pine.

Took a couple hours I guess, 1/4 inch mill, 60-120 inch per minute, 0.25 DOC, .22 Stepover. Material 1 1/4” thick, pocket 1” deep. F360 design and gcode.

Script generated in VCarve Pro using Chopin font from DaFonts, just had to clean up some open vectors. Gcode from VCarve using Adam Zetts post. Separate operation from tray cut but worked fine

What I learned:
When working at the machines limits, in this case Y axis, take care with setup.
Don’t blindly try to cut script like this with F360 cam (DOH)
I need a 1/2 “ cutter with 1/4” shaft although I suppose a router bit would work here?

This is what I will cut next, after a bit more practice. It’ll be the same tray but made from white oak and cedar scraps I had lying around. Might be interesting


Nice work my friend!

Looks great! How will you finish it?